Daydream (EP)

by Reichsfeind

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released July 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Reichsfeind Frankfurt, Germany

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Track Name: Monolith
the hills turn green in spring
and sun-drenched get its peaks
down on the waterfront
where the stone bridge cuts the sun
taking a break from work
enjoying life and day
letter to a youthful friend
miles and miles away

who’s childhood heroes died in recent years
what can be expected
from a man who drowns in fears
what to write a person
who lost its bride-to-be
what to tell a loser
who will never be like me

we look like monoliths
but at least we're split in two
don't know what path to choose
we don't know what to do
we look like monoliths
but at least we're split in two
shall I be after or
shall I hide from you
pride will have a fall
and mine will crown it all
I have no friend in Petersburg
or elsewhere in the world
the hills turned green in spring
and sun-drenched got its peaks
down on the waterfront
where the stone bridge cut the sun

the hills won’t turn green in spring
guilt-ridden get its peaks
down by the riverside
where I’ll drown myself tonight
Track Name: Daydream
celibate all night and the cenobites
still won’t know my name
why did we set fire to the earth
if we reached the point of no return

emotional ambivalence is a thought crime
the thought police is with me all the time
heaven is what your soul says today
hell is what it did yesterday

what if I’d simply snap today
breaking all the chains of my decay
faces look a million different ways
take a picture just in case

drowning concerns in the bourbon
won’t turn back the time
your daydream is resulting from
your self-indulgent lies

sexy individuals
that’s all we want to be
what we can’t be
in this mass consumption society
all men are equal has a new sense
people steal identities
easy, no offense
we’re all walking ticking time bombs
losing touch with reality
safe me from my daydreams
they give me false belief
in humanity
Track Name: Carrousel
the enjoyment of life in her eyes
the will to live so strong
her laugh warms up the hearts
but will not last for long

the force of the ancestors
will strike down-the-line
clouds on the horizon

clouds are closing in
coming events cast their shadows
the kid knows that his time has come
it never felt so close

insouciance comes to nothing
safety comes undone
the child releases the mother's hand
and slowly starts to run

we are so full of shame
and so restless in our shell
we have no one to blame
but ourselves
we killed the inner child
'cause we felt so much compelled
come join the ride
complete my

another soul is robbed
from the never-never land
forlorn and ruinous lies
the castle in the sand
Track Name: Anchor
I reach a thousand highs
while I thrust my life aside
the brightness of my eyes
they say gets lost
from time to time

if you ever feel alone
listen to the radio

they play my song of life
day and night in real time
there is no place to hide
no mute and no rewind

mainland fades
rain keeps falling in cascades
lost in the sea of deceit
cured concrete
bound to my feet

hey! I'm bearing away!
please be my anchor for today!
Track Name: Gangplanks
if you get to know the world
you can’t just let it go
but knowledge is not guaranteed
make it your task
if you can’t reach it keep up fast
your indecision brings delay

down the gangplanks
I'm staring at the sea
watching the beauty of the
sundown symphony

five year old wearing burkas
look what religion has done to us
live your life without
live your life without
we’re a heap of self-deceivers
acting like deep sleepwalking Caesars
tyrannicide is no crime

down the gangplanks
waiting for you
Track Name: Life Horizon
he has lost his joyousness
he has lost the trust
in lands where hope and water
turn to dust

he wants to leave this place
his soul mates feel the same
their ship is waiting for the winds
to take them far away

starving yet still hoping
longing to be free
how should they have foreseen
they set sail to misery

the nutshell lays at anchor
no one wants them here
the boatman sees the hatred
and his soul bursts into tears

we're all queen bees in our hive
so we all give birth to life
now stop waiting for a sign
life horizon, worth your time